Surgery hours:
  Monday - Thursday:
  08.00 - 13.00
  14.00 - 18.00
  08.00 - 14.00
  (Afternoons on request)
  An overview of our services
Ophthalmological examination, treatment and consultation as part of
statutory health insurance
Specialist examinations with newly developed diagnostic devices that extend beyond
the scope of statutory health insurance, such as glaucoma screening, pachymetry
(measuring the thickness of the cornea) and many more
Laser treatments
Eye training with an orthoptist
Fitting of magnifying visual aids
Photo documentation of the anterior sections of the eye
Occupational medicine reports, workstation assessments, driving, flying and boating licences
Reports for pension applications and applications for severe disability allowance
    and blindness allowance
Examination in terms of workplace health and safety (G-37 approval)
Examination of night-time driving capacity using the Nyktometer
Outpatient eye surgery Tettnang one level below our practice
Eye acupuncture using Professor Boel's approach (in collaboration with
    alternative practitioner Ulrike Kappelmayer)
Augenzentrum Bodensee - Bahnhofstr. 14 - 88069 Tettnang - Tel.: +49 (0) 75 42 / 93 14 210
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