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  Eye training
  Eye training involves an orthoptist working with patients from all age groups and
  with a variety of different ophthalmic disorders (squint, double vision, paralysis of
  the eye muscles).
  One of the orthoptist’s jobs is the detection and treatment of a squint (strabismus)
  in children. Occlusion therapy is usually carried out in these cases (putting a patch
  over the healthy eye for one hour at a time) in order to try and prevent weak sight
  (amblyopia) in the eye with a squint.
  With adults, the orthoptist works with patients with sight defects such as double
  vision, blurred vision, vanishing letters when reading etc. These symptoms occur
  when the patient has a hidden (latent) squint, known as a heterophoria.
  This type of squint is only discovered when the cooperation between a patient's two
  eyes is broken up using certain examination methods. Special glasses with relieving
  prisms can help to maintain a patient's visual capacity and positive well-being.
  Collaboration between the orthoptist and the eye specialist is required if patients are
  to achieve good binocular vision. Two orthoptists have been working at Augenzentrum
  Bodensee since 2008, ensuring prompt treatment for both children and adults in our
  practice rooms.
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